Adam Faucett (Little Rock, AR)


You grew up in a few small towns in Arkansas, right? What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

Compared to greater Arkansas, I grew up in the city. Know what I mean? There were like 27,000 people in Benton while I was growing up and about the same in Russellville. Not saying the mentality wasn’t a bit small-town, but my family who grew up in Fordyce would laugh me back to the street to hear me talking about small-town life. My young life was a lot of parking lots and bowling alley visits, it seems. Man, I liked almost anything with a loud guitar, still do. I liked the 90s thing, for sure, still do. I’ve always been drawn to loud and slow. It was my first love.

Are you living in Nashville these days? If so, what prompted that move?

My bandmates are all still in Little Rock, so in reality so am I as far as a base goes. I go back home often to prepare for band shows and tours with my brothers. My room in Little Rock was coming to an end and just so happened a good buddy of mine in Nashville offered a space that I couldn’t say no to, no matter the town. With that said, there are shitloads of people flocking here at this time in history and that makes it interesting. I want to see what the fuss is all about. I’ve been working with the same people for years and some of them live here too. It was a lateral, safe move. I’ve been threatening a stint in this town for a while, lots easier than when I moved to Chicago. Fuck, most of my friends in Nashville are Arkansans.

Your most recent album, Blind Water Finds Blind Water, was released on Last Chance Records. How did that relationship come about? Will they be releasing your next album as well?

I look forward to as many projects with Travis as he sees fit. We like a lot of the same stuff, so us being dudes of a level came too easy to remember how it started. I’m glad it did, though. Last Chance Records is a homey in all directions.

You toured with a couple old-school punk rockers’ solo projects last year– King Buzzo of The Melvins and Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music. How did those tours happen?

I’ve been buds with Chuck for a number of years. I opened for him a while back in Little Rock and we and the rest of his band just became friends right out the gate. It’s not hard with that guy, though. He is truly a kind man who ain’t afraid to kick it with his fans. He brought the Revival Tour through and let me open that as well. I heard they were looking for support on a tour and threw my hat in and he let me roll with it. It was 17 days in a row, didn’t feel like it.

Buzz was a complete surprise, been a fan for a long, long time. I still think it was dumb luck, but man it and the Chuck tours were honestly the best times I’ve ever seen outside a trip I had in ’01. I had to tour all the way out to Bellingham, Washington just to get to Buzz, so by the time I got to the King I had already come through a labyrinth of shows. It took weeks. It was epic in every way for this dude. 2014 was potent.

What are some themes in your new songs?

I don’t know…putting fire out.

Will you be doing much touring in 2015?

I better! Yeah, I’ll always tour as long as I can.

Thai food or pizza?


Dawn or dusk?

Depends on which direction we are driving. Everyone loves the light but not in the eyes.


One thought on “Adam Faucett (Little Rock, AR)

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I read yours and was very interested. I do not know much about music, but reading about these musicians really interests me. My cousin is an indie style band out of St. Louis, you should check them out, their name is Bo And The Locomotive.


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