Introduction to Highway Hearts, by Anthony Presley

1. I chose this topic for my blog because I’m a huge fan of this sub-genre of folk music.  I’ve lived and traveled in this circle of music for over 10 years now and feel very close to the music, some of the artists, and the subjects they write about.  I want to learn more about different artists’ songwriting processes and the reasons behind how and why they release their music they way they do.

2.  I hope my audience will be open-minded music fans seeking out new music.  I hope to introduce readers to artists they find interesting that are playing a genre of music they haven’t heard before.

3. My blog’s voice is of someone with some previous knowledge of the subject and a familiarity with the artists on a personal level.  The mission is to extract interesting information for the reader and present it in an entertaining way that’ll inform the reader and hopefully arouse a curiosity about this music scene.

4. Through pictures, videos, and streaming music I hope to provide this information in a visually-stimulating, engaging way.  My hope is that through conversational interviews with artists about their ideas and processes their music will seem interesting and accessible.


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